Barcon Systems Legacy

We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of bespoke precast concrete products and wet cast stone products with over 30 years experience.

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Our team main skills are as follows: expert, smart and professional. The close collaboration of our in-house teams allows us to bring a shared understanding to each project, underpinned by accountability and a focus on meeting, then exceeding the brief. We also work closely in partnership with suppliers, clients and their chosen partners to deliver work to time and budget – efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Barcon Systems Limited was established by Peter Messenger in 1982

Peter was introduced to the concrete industry from an early age, at 13 he would arrive home from school and go to work at his Dad’s concrete company making moulds, pouring concrete, or finishing units on the yard. After leaving school Peter joined the company full time, gaining experience and developing his skills, he quickly realised he could make something of himself and established Barcon Systems in Standish, near Wigan.

Barcon Systems initially made small cast stone items such as Precast Cills, Heads, Lintels and Steps before being asked to tender for larger items such as Precast Lift Shafts, Beams and Columns, and what Barcon would eventually become known for, Precast Stairs and Landings.

Barcon Systems quickly outgrew its factory in Standish and in 1984 relocated to Horwich Loco Industrial Estate where the company still operates from today. The increased space allowed Peter to expand the company by developing separate workshops for Joinery, Steel Fixing and Casting, bringing in additional design team members, increasing the labour workforce and installing new overhead cranes. This enabled Barcon to manufacture larger, more challenging projects which in turn Barcon was able to reinvest in new steel moulds so Barcon could continue to be competitive in an increasingly challenging Precast Concrete market.

Peter past away in 2016 but his legacy is still embedded in the core values of Barcon Systems today. These core values were based on his own philosophy;

“Produce a high quality product, within budget, on time”

In 2017 Barcon Systems joined the PBM Group, a Precast Concrete company with over 40years experience manufacturing Precast Stairs who share the same philosophy. This partnership will ensure Barcon continue to be a leading manufacturer of Precast Concrete Stairs in the Construction Industry.