Precast Ground/Edge Beams

We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of bespoke precast concrete products and wet cast stone products with over 30 years experience.

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Barcon Systems supplies high quality precast concrete ground beams to the construction industry as an alternative to traditionally cast insitu foundations

Ground beams are usually constructed directly on site. However the process takes time, as it requires specific formwork depending on the quality and characteristics of the ground. This is particularly difficult when ground conditions are not optimal and preparation works need to be performed for foundations. Precast concrete offers the best solution for time-saving projects completely independent from the weather.

Our products are all cast in factory which ensures a clean construction site and a quick and economical solution for your project. We manufacture concrete ground beams and edge beams as well as other precast concrete products to meet our customer’s requirements and our team of experts are at your disposal throughout the project.

The benefits to using Barcon Systems Ground Beams include:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No site mess from insitu works
  • No delay to follow up trades
  • Precision manufacturing to specific tolerances
  • Special finishes available such as etched finsh, sand blasted finish and exposed aggregate finish
  • A range of colours available for visual concrete
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