Precast Retaining Walls

We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of bespoke precast concrete products and wet cast stone products with over 30 years experience.

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Barcon Systems designs and manufactures bespoke precast concrete retaining walls to specific site requirements

Precast concrete ‘L-shape’ retaining wall systems are perfect solutions for retaining soil, supporting structures, or used as general storage areas. Precast concrete retaining wall designs are cost-effective, quick to install, can be designed on a job-by-job basis to cater for various loadings and environmental conditions, and as the units are manufactured and cured offsite there is no delay to the follow up trades. Our comprehensive in-house design team will work with you to create a solution that meets both the project specification and current building standards.

Barcon Systems can include for the following retaining wall options:

Type : Straight or curved ‘L-shaped’ retaining walls

Colour : Standard grey colour or alternative colours can be included on request

Finish : Standard ex-mould finish or special finishes such as etched, sand blasted or exposed aggregate finish can be included on request

Fixing :

1. Male/Female joggle-joint included to edge of units to allow jointing and sealing during installation

2. Dowelled connection into foundation base

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