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We are an independent manufacturer and supplier of bespoke precast concrete products and wet cast stone products with over 30 years experience.

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We have a good understanding of our customer’s design needs and can translate that into a product that we are able to manufacture to a high standard.

We offer a range of precast concrete design and technical services to help you find the optimum solutions for your needs. Our range of precast concrete services includes:

In-House Design
We provide a comprehensive in-house design service that includes the supply of general arrangement drawings and calculations for approval, all structural calculations are updated frequently to current British Standards and Eurocodes. We collaborate closely with our customers to refine and scope projects, whether the project is a new build, extention or refurbishment our design team has a good understanding of all types of construction, including; large scale retail developments, hospitals and leisure facilties, education buildings such as student accommodation or faculty buildings, and also sports stadiums to name just a few.

Technical Advice
Our industry experts are on hand to provide advice on all aspects of precast concrete manufacture, including materials advice, mix design and the different finishes that can be achieved.


BIM is a collaborative process for developing information in a virtual environment to design, construct and manage a product. The BIM acronym itself – Building Information Modelling – is actually misleading because it is not just about buildings, it includes any kind of built, made or constructed asset.

This online platform gathers project knowledge in a digital format to create a live, real-time library specific to that project in one central location.

Barcon is using this system to optimise the design, manufacture and operation of projects. With the use of BIM we are efficiently proving our commitment to innovative action and increasing our competitiveness as a future-oriented company.

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